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Helpful Websites for Teaching Little Ones

I’ve mentioned that I’m doing a little schooling with Ryan this year. (We start Monday, so pray for me!) I’m not using an expensive curriculum, or even a workbook system. Almost all of my resources I’ve found through different websites offering FREE lessons on letters, numbers, and shapes. These are great resources for anyone helping young kids learn letters, numbers, and shapes or finding creative ways to teach them.   (Side note: I did purchase her Letters of the Week Curriculum for $15.) (I’m just getting used to this site, and I’m pleased with the amount of material on there. I typed in “lapbooks,” and a whole list of free lapbooks were there. I think I’ll enjoy this one too much!) (I love this site! It’s a compilation of a lot of free items in one place. They also have a daily list of free Kindle books!)

If you teach young kids, where do you find your free resources?



Back to School Time

It’s that time of year when students return to the hallowed hall of their academic institutions (a.k.a. schools) and look back at a summer gone by too quickly. For me, this time of year has, and will always, hold a nostalgic place in my heart. I spent 19 out of my 33 years as a student, and 5 years were spent in the role as teacher. I remember the excitement and nervousness that encompassed the first day, and how I looked forward to it and dreaded its coming at the same time. The start of a new school year always signaled the return to routine (and getting up early…blah!), focused time on academic material, and meeting new friends or rekindling friendships with those from the past.

In a few weeks, Ryan and I will start “school.” I have goals for his learning this year, but I’m not pushing him too much. We’ll focus on letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, as well as his weekly AWANA verse and other topics that peak his interest. We’ll go places and see new things, have playdates throughout the week, and maybe do a craft or make a new food every once in a while. My hope isn’t that he can spell or add or read a book by the end of the “school” year. My hope is that he’ll enjoy learning and seek to find nuggets of knowledge in everyday life.

To all of you, whether student, teacher, or parent, I hope this is a great year of learning for you and yours. Happy Back To School!



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