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Book Review: Take a Chance on Me


I recently finished Susan May Warren’s book, Take a Chance on Me. This story, like You Don’t Know Me, is set in Deep Haven, MN. This small, waterfront town isn’t just know for it’s scenic views. Ivy Madison, Deep Haven’s new assistant county attorney, soon finds out that Deep Haven holds secrets behind it’s put-together exterior. Everyone knows everything about everyone else…or so they think. Ivy finds herself caught in a web between Jensen Atwood, Darek Christiansen, and Claire Gibson, and the link that brings them all together: Felicity Christiansen’s death. Ivy, Jensen, Darek, and Claire all have past hurts that command their lives, until their lives are put on hold by a huge forest fire. Through this and many other events, these four will learn forgiveness, unyielding trust, and most of all, God’s grace.

As a foster mom, I appreciated Ivy’s personal story. Warren introduced her as a child of the foster system, exceeding the sterotypically low expectations placed on foster kids. However, Ivy never had that forever family that is crucial to a child’s well-being. She found that unconditional love and acceptance in Ingrid Christiansen, Darek’s mom, after a horrific experience between Child Protection Services and the Christiansen family. Ivy certainly found the acceptance and love she desired, but she also found God’s grace and love in the midst of it.

I enjoyed this book, but it took more time to understand the story’s background. By the middle, I finally saw the relationship between all the characters. If you read this book, stick with it! Don’t be too quick to put it down.

For more information about Susan May Warren, visit

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book for review purposes from Tyndale House Publishers.



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