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A Lesson from Potty Training

Today was a breakthrough day! Ryan finally went #2 on the potty. Now, I know some of you are saying, “Woohoo. Another crazy mom telling me her son’s bathroom habits.” No, I’m not boring you with the mindless details of this developmental rite of passage in my toddler’s life. What I will tell you is something I learned by observing Philip’s and my actions when it happened.

I can’t begin to tell you how much we celebrated this little event. Philip and I were clapping and cheering like fools, but it made Ryan feel so good to see our enthusiasm. This started a thought: why do we lose our excitement over the little things in life as we get older? Why don’t we high-five each other when we make small strides towards a large goal, or forgo a habit we’re trying to break (even for a day)? Why do we shy away from celebrating those small victories that lead to greater achievements?

So today, I’ll celebrate your small victories too, whatever they are:

Great job!

Keep going!

You can do it!


Thanks, Ryan, for showing me that celebrating the small things in life is really worth it.



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2 thoughts on “A Lesson from Potty Training

  1. Great reminder!!! I am a big fan of celebrating and enjoying the little things. Way to go, Ryan!

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