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Book Review: Waking The World

Waking the World

Most books I review are chapter books for adults, mostly non-fiction but a few fiction thrown in for variety. Well, I’m reviewing my first children’s book, and I’m super excited. I just read Waking the World by Doug Routledge, not only to myself, but to the boys. This story is about a cricket, Rickety Bitick Cricket (or Rick, as his friends called him), who has a big dream to “wake the world.”  However, his plan isn’t quite carried out the way he thinks and because of Rick’s failed plan, another character is able to dream big and accomplish his goals.

As I read this book to the boys, we were very interested in the colorful illustrations. These caught our attention right away. I appreciated the realistic manner in which he portrayed the story in pictures.

Unfortunately, the story line wasn’t as clear as I’d hoped. I had to read the book a few times before I figured out the author’s intent for the story. I wasn’t sure how the restless events around the world fit into the story but I did enjoy how Rick’s dream jump-started the changes another character made in his own life. Overall, I would cautiously recommend this book to other readers.

Disclaimer: I received a complimentary copy of the book for review purposes from Ambassador International.


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