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Vacation Time!

We’re a week from Memorial Day, which signals the beginning of another vacation season! Philip and I will be returning from our vacation to Outer Banks, NC later this weekend. For us, this week’s been a time to be with family and relax. These are a few highlights from our trip:

-Celebrating the 40th anniversary of my parents’ marriage: There’s no better way to celebrate than at the beach! We rented a home overlooking the ocean, and just relaxed the week away. This was the first vacation with my parents and brother since the boys were born, so it’s been fun to watch their interactions this week.

-Visiting sites in the Outer Banks: We’ve visited lighthouses, state parks, other surrounding islands, the aquarium, and of course, the beach.

NC Aquarium at Roanoke Island

Currituck Lighthouse

One of the best visits was to the Wright Brothers’ Memorial. Of course, we had to wear our Dayton shirts to represent “The Birthplace Of Aviation”.

2013-05-15 12.15.26

-Tasting the food of the Outer Banks: Outer Banks has very few chain restaurants, so we had to try local restaurants. (This is one of my favorite parts of going on vacation. Why eat somewhere that you have at home when you can try something different?) If you ever come to the Outer Banks, I’d suggest you check out Duck Donuts. These are no ordinary donuts. They’re prepared to order. It starts as a simple cake donut, but the frosting and toppings make this a food experience you’ll never forget. They’re warm, delicate, and delicious! I’d also suggest you check out Miller’s Waterfront Restaurant. They had amazing food and great views of the water.

I’d highly recommend Outer Banks, NC as a vacation destination!

We’re already thinking ahead to next year’s vacation, and are open to suggestions. Where do you like to vacation?


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