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The Self Study

Philip and I have embarked on a journey that is both scary and exciting all at the same time. We’re in the process of becoming foster/adoption parents in the county where we live. We’ve been at this process for about 2 months, and have about 4 months left to go. We’re almost done with our training classes. I’ve met with our home assessor twice (Philip once), and we love her already. Everything’s been going really well until now. Let’s just say: SELF STUDY. Ah yes, the dreaded self study. This is the document to end all documents: 36 pages of nothing but questions about yourself. As I write this, I’ve just ended another session answering more questions and wondering if what I said was sufficient enough, or did I sound crazy. How should I approach the questions – as a formal document or a friendly conversation? Has my life been ok, or do I need to talk to someone about hangups that have occurred?

All these questions come with the process to foster or adopt. I’d want someone to be thoroughly interviewed before letting my children live with them, so I understand the reasoning behind it. However, I’ve had to think about my life differently because of this process. What will I do for someone to experience the love of Jesus in our family? Am I willing to sacrifice time with my own kids to show love to a child who may never know it apart from being in our family a short time? What will my sons learn from this? Am I open to learning a WHOLE lot about myself, even after the interviewing process is over, and face some of my “issues” head on and change?

You know, this process of becoming foster/adoption parents is a humbling one. There’s a lot of prayer that goes into this decision, and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Matter of fact, you may come away a changed person.

Now, back to the self study…


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2 thoughts on “The Self Study

  1. Mary Beth Faile on said:

    You will be wonderful. The love of Jesus is evident in your life and especially in your smile! Big hugs to you!

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