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Snow Day!!!

Yes, it is springtime. And yes, we’re supposed to be enjoying the warmer weather. But, as is common with Ohio weather, we will not be enjoying that warmer weather soon. But, I am NOT going to complain about it. Why? Because I was able to witness an event I’ve been waiting to see all winter long.

When someone goes through chemo, one of the side effects could be an extreme sensitivity to cold. Philip experienced this during the last few months. For example, on chemo weeks, Philip would drink “cold” beverages without ice. When cold rain hit his face, it felt like electric shocks on his skin. Needless to say, cold and snowy weather have not been kind to him this winter.

Today, Philip was able to enjoy the snow with Ryan for the first time this season. They had a blast! They built a snow family, sledded, and even put a snow “Evan” in our large window. I thoroughly enjoyed watching them play and do things a father and son should do.

Now, I’m not praying for any more snow. And I’m certainly ready for the warmer weather. But, I am thanking the Lord that Philip and Ryan were able to experience the snow together before spring comes.

Snow Day Snow Day Ryan and Henderson Snow Family Snow "Evan"


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4 thoughts on “Snow Day!!!

  1. Jen Gogel on said:

    How beautiful, Megan! What a blessing… Definitely makes a person put things in perspective!

  2. Thanks Jen! Hope you’re doing well.

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