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Pantry Cooking

Philip and I are cleaning out our pantry/freezer, and eating what we have. I’m not sure we’ve ever done this in our life together. It’s been good, but creativity become necessary as food is eaten up. Right now, I making a soup containing veggie stock, onion, jalepeno, cumin, garlic powder, salt, black beans, mashed baked potatoes, and chicken sausage. I feel confident in my own cooking abilities that I’m not scared of the challenge to create new things to eat; it’s just easier to buy ingredients and cook something I know.

Since becoming a stay at home mom (SAHM), our pantry has been filled with more staples, not just 7 boxes of cereal and cake mixes. My go to place for pantry staples is Aldi. Their canned items aren’t any different than name brand, and they’re much cheaper. These are the items we keep in our pantry:

  • Green Beans
  • Tomatoes (sauce, crushed, paste, and sometimes Rotel)
  • black beans
  • refried beans
  • white beans
  • rice
  • pasta
  • oatmeal
  • stocks (veggie and chicken)

We do keep applesauce, but we go through it very quickly (especially when we don’t have fresh produce around). We also have pork and chicken in our freezer (and beef, if it’s on sale). We picked lots of strawberries last spring/summer, so those are on-hand for quick smoothies or jam on bread.

What are some items in your pantry? Do you have any go to pantry recipes?


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4 thoughts on “Pantry Cooking

  1. Megan, we have been doing the same thing. I made it two weeks on what I purchased for one week, only replenishing milk and bread. We will have company for the next two weeks, so I just went out to get lots, but plan on going back to creativity cooking. We keep cereal, crackers, similar canned items, rice, and pasta. We have also been very diligent about eating all of our leftovers. Typically we eat leftovers, but if they last a couple of days,we move on. These past two weeks, I didn’t make anything new until they were gone. Getting creative and being sensible about spending. Also teaching E to be thankful for food, nourishment, and a mommy who prepares healthy things for her to eat. So far so good. Oh, and once you have a garden, you will not need so many store bought canned items. Almost all my tomoato products are from the garden. I have frozen fruit and veggies from our garden and from farms from which we picked. We also have beef in our freezer from Brent’s uncle, grain fed, no hormones. Trying to get healthy and make wise choices.

  2. Another great post! You inspire me. I usually buy stuff at Aldi as well (unless it’s on sale elsewhere and I have a coupon), but sometimes I forget what’s already in my pantry and I end up with a gazillion of the same thing. I’ve been thinking for a while I just need to organize my pantry, make a chart of what I have/usually buy , use what I have and stay organized. Hard to do with a little one (or I’m just lazy. lol).

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