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Garden anyone?

Recently, I’ve considered growing a garden. Now, I don’t have the greenest thumb in the world but I’m willing to work at that. It’s too cold to get the garden ready, but I’m a planner and I’m starting to plan for the garden now. If you garden, what tips do you have? (FYI…our house faces fully east/west. Our backyard gets great sun after noon!) I don’t want to plant too many veggies, but I want a good variety. We also have lots of creatures (mostly bunnies and squirrels) that visit our backyard regularly. What tips do you have for keeping them away?

This will be an ongoing post, especially as I start this project. I’ll post pics too, so you can see our progress!


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9 thoughts on “Garden anyone?

  1. Chris Miller on said:

    good luck with the critter control. last time I planted tomatoes, a mother deer and her twin fawns ate them all right in front of us and all Uncle Dan did was take pictures of it. lol

  2. jessica on said:

    our favorite thing to grow is berries! Strawberries, blackberries and raspberries are the boys summer diet! once established they are hard to kill 🙂 Have fun!

  3. We have done a garden the last to years. We grow tomoatoes, cumcubers, squash, zucchini, a variety of peppers, sugar snap peas, green beans, onions, canteloupe, and watermelon. The “woods” behind us has black raspberries, but it takes a couple years to get fruit going and e haven’t embarked upon that yet. We had a huge turnout the first year, but last year wasa different story. The birds, bugs, and bunnies ate a lot of our produce. We did not want to spray anything on our garden, but may need to look into other ideas to keep more than we lose. I “can” and freeze our crop and use it throughout the year. It takes time, but I really enjoy being able to use hat I grow myself. I w
    ould love to talk to you about your ideas.

  4. I personally have never had a garden but my parents had a very large one while I was growing up so I’ve done my fair share of planting, weeding, picking, canning and freezing! I too am hoping to at least do a pot garden with some staple veggies (tomatoes, especially!) this year. I would love to do fruit as well, but I agree it takes a while for them to become established so probably will stick to veggies until we are settled in one home for more than 2 or 3 years (say, 16 years from now? 🙂 ).

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