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Tent Time

Last night, my husband (Philip) and oldest son (Ryan) had their second “campout.” Really, Philip puts up the tent in the house and Ryan and he sleeps in it. Anyone coming into our house on “campout” nights would think it’s Christmas. Ryan and Evan, my youngest son, are laughing and having a terrific time. (Evan is not quite old enough to participate in the entire “campout” experience, but he plays in the tent before going to bed.) I appreciate Philip’s willingness to put up the tent and sleep in it, even just for Ryan’s sheer joy for the new experience. Great memories are being made during these times, and I’m looking forward to many more!

Tent Time

What are some special activities you do with your kids?


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6 thoughts on “Tent Time

  1. Chris Miller on said:

    Those are two lucky boys to have such a fun dad. Phil is the best!

  2. This is so fun. I just bought a tent for Brent last Father’s Day and we have used it once outside. How fun to put it up inside though.
    We have dance parties at our house as well as baking parties, both things Elli loves. Not sure what Micah will enjoy but maybe camping in the living room is in my future:)

    • I have not participated in the “campout” yet, but I’m thinking I’ll be sleeping outside when it gets warmer. Philip and Ryan pull mattresses into the tent for a comfortable sleep setting. I don’t think Philip wants to be a true camper yet 🙂

  3. Ashley and I used to pile all of the stuff on our bed that we thought we might need if we were ever adrift on the sea (on our bed?). Unfortunately, we always had too much stuff and never had anyplace to sleep. 🙂 But those are fun memories for me, and I’m sure RyRy and Evan will remember these days, too!

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